Best Time to Visit Tanzania

The Dry Season (from June to October) is the ideal time for Safaris in Tanzania. Though the Best Time to Visit Tanzania relies on what wildlife you’d like to see. This season corresponds with the Great Migration river crossings in the Serengeti. Whereas, the calving season can be seen from January to February.

Almost all the safari regions in Tanzania have warm days and cool evenings throughout the year. Meanwhile, the temperatures can drop to below freezing on Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro. The Tanzanian coast along the Indian Ocean and lakeside areas have hot and humid temperatures.

The following is a comparison of visiting Tanzania in the low and high seasons:

The High Season (Dry Season)

From June to October

The Low Season (Wet or Rainy Season)

From November to May

This is a great time to see the Great Wildebeest Migration.

The perfect time to see baby animals because it’s the calving season. You’ll also get to catch some great predator action.

Wildlife is easier to observe because of thin vegetation and many animals also gather around watering holes.

The landscapes are at their most beautiful with the plains covered in lush and vibrant greenery.

The skies are clear in this season. And the days are sunny, so you won’t have to worry about rain.

Birdwatching is amazing in this season as many migratory birds are present.

Great conditions for photography.

You’ll also get to benefit from the low costs of accommodations and safari activities.

Some Suggestions – In the dry season, morning and nighttime temperatures tend to get cold. So, pack a few pairs of warm clothing items.

The low season is the peak of the wet season in Tanzania. Thus, make sure that you bring a raincoat or poncho and a pair of waterproof shoes.

Visit Tanzania according to your preferences!

Safaris in Tanzania can be undertaken throughout the year. Because wildlife viewing is great all year round. The best time to visit Tanzania depends entirely on you and what you’d like to experience. So, you can plan a Tanzania visit entirely based on your preferences.

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Best Time to Visit Tanzania

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