Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing

The primary reason that most people choose to go for Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing is that it’s the highest free-standing mountain on the planet. The peaks of Kilimanjaro are typically hidden by the mystic fog. But, on a clear day, the sight of the summit is one of the most majestic things on Earth.

“Strike a clear-cut chord of charm with the Rooftop of Africa – While Climbing Kilimanjaro”

The mountain rises vertically for almost six km. from the encircling plains. This makes a trek up the summit a one-of-a-kind experience.

What’ll you not want to miss out on?

  • Scaling through the montane forests on the way – A truly magical experience!
  • An all-encompassing experience – Through rocky deserts and wastelands to valleys covered in ice. As well as the five climate zones!
  • Witness a wealth of diversity on your trek – Kilimanjaro is a world of its own!
  • Unbelievable sights for spectacular photography – You don’t want to miss out on the perfect click, do you?
  • Enjoyment + Sustainability = A Mount Kilimanjaro Trek! – Support and contribute to uplifting the local communities.

These are some of the things that Mount Kilimanjaro has in store for travellers looking to conquer its summit.

Appreciating the little things is a major part of Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

The real beauty of trekking Mount Kilimanjaro lies in the subtleties – the little things. You’ll get to experience them right from the word go! – From the base of the mountain to the rural section. You’ll get to familiarize yourself with the native Swahili people – an experience you’ll cherish!

The positive mindset of the staff and the relaxed pacing will be the major components of your adventure.

Safari means a journey in the native language of Swahili. And in a way, a journey is what Climbing Kilimanjaro offers – Are you set to experience this spectacular journey?

The incredibly rich habitats of Kilimanjaro – See them along the way!

A Mount Kilimanjaro Trek is truly an unforgettable experience. And its habitats are teeming with rich and diverse flora and fauna. The mountain is divided into five different climate zones.

The lower region of Kilimanjaro is composed of tropical rainforests and bushlands that are evergreen. The landscapes transform into shrublands at around 9800 ft. And, above 13,000 ft. the environment is arid and rocky. Above this, Kilimanjaro turns into an alpine desert region while the topmost region is arctic.

While on your Kilimanjaro trek you’ll get to experience all these five climate zones – Doesn’t that sound fascinating?

Don’t get carried away though – Prepare for your trekking expedition!

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro isn’t a piece of cake – and you should be aware of this. It takes around 5 days to reach the summit of the mountain. Don’t get discouraged though – because some exercise and cardio will be very useful for your trek. You should be in fairly decent shape before your trek.

Moreover, be prepared for the weather of Kilimanjaro. And pack proper clothing items and camping gear. With just a bit of cardio and some altitude training – you’ll be all set to conquer the peak of Kilimanjaro!

“The Crown Jewel of Africa is waiting for you to conquer it – Will you accept the challenge!”

Trekking enthusiasts will scream in delight as they climb up the challenging trail to Climb Kilimanjaro. It’ll be a vital achievement along with learning about the habitats and wildlife that thrive in Kilimanjaro’s distinct climates.

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Best Season: May, June, July, August


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The Umbwe route has a reputation for being the most challenging route on Kilimanjaro. And rightly so. It’s the shortest and steepest

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The first option is to take a very long & challenging trial via Western Breach, “Arrow Glades route” and the second option is Machame

Kilimanjaro Travel Guide

Kilimanjaro Travel Guide has everything you need to ascend up Mt. Kilimanjaro. Find hiking tips with details in Kilimanjaro Guide.
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Bernard D Our family of 6, enjoyed the 9 day Safari led by our excellent driver and guide Frank. He was knowledgeable especially about birds and was very caring throughout the Safari.”
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Julia_2709 Everything was fine, great guide William and his team tried their best! Excellent acclimatization schedule, William speaks English very good and told us a lot of interesting information about Kilimanjaro and Tanzania during our hiking.”
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Gordon butt Well organized tour group though we were placed with Meru Slopes for the safaris. Very enjoyable group to travel with. There were issues initially because of my resident work permit and it also caused delays getting most of the park entry permits. ”


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