Tanzania Cost

The question of how much it costs to travel to Tanzania is the first thing that comes to mind – when planning a Tanzania Tour. Tanzania Cost comes down to several factors. I.e. Types of – safaris, accommodation, activities, etc. The following are the cost factors that go into calculating the cost of Travel in Tanzania.

Tanzania Cost – Based on different Safari circuits!

This is the primary food of Tanzania. Ugali is never missing from an authentic meal in Tanzania. Though it looks like sticky rice at first – it’s nothing like bland rice though. It’s made from maize flour and served as a side for virtually everything – meat, vegetables, stews, etc.

Tanzania Cost will vary based on which circuits you prefer. But, both circuits offer great experiences of safaris in Tanzania. Here are the costs of the northern and southern safari circuits:

  • Northern Safari Circuit - $900
  • Southern Safari Circuit - $1500

Good to Know – These costs include all accommodation, safari activities, and food costs.

Average Tanzania Cost – According to destinations!

The destinations that you choose will decide the overall cost of Safaris in Tanzania. To simplify things, here are the average costs of a safari in various destinations in Tanzania:

Tanzania Destination

Average Costs (per person, per day)


Serengeti National Park

From $70 - $650

Lake Manyara National Park

From $60 - $625

Ngorongoro Crater

From $70 - $600

Tarangire National Park

From $50 - $600

Arusha National Park

From $50 - $230

Mount Kilimanjaro National Park

From $ 70 - $425

An Insight – The above prices (excluding Serengeti National Park) are day trips. This means accommodations are not included in the day-wise average costs.

Tanzania Cost by Activities

A Tanzania Trip is going to be incomplete without taking part in the different safari activities. They include wildlife, photography, birding, hot air balloon safaris, etc. Below are the costs of safari activities in Tanzania:

Tanzania Safari Activities

Costs (per person)  in USD

Wildlife Safaris

$200 onwards

Photographic Safaris

$750 onwards


$400 onwards

Cultural Tours

$40 onwards

Hot Air Balloon Rides

$550 onwards

The Great Migration Safaris

$60 onwards

Tanzania Cost by Accommodations

Tanzania has three different categories of accommodations. I.e. budget, mid-range, and luxury. The costs start from $20 and go up to $200.


COSTS (per person, per day) in USD


From $20-$40


From $50 onwards


From $150 - $200

You can also stay in different private accommodations in the private concession regions of Tanzania. Like camps and lodges. The cost varies from $300 to $1200.


COSTS (in USD), per person, per day

Tanzania Camps

From $300 onwards

Tanzania Lodges

From $450 onwards

Tanzania Luxury Lodges and Hotels

From $1150 onwards

Campsites are also a good option if you want to have an authentic Bush experience. Here, you’ll have to set up your tent and prepare your food. The costs range from $5 - $35. The costs of Dorm Beds in Hostels range from $15 - $40 a night. And, exclusive rooms in a hostel range from $40 - $75 a night.

The Overall Tanzania Cost

There are many choices available for a Trip to Tanzania and each option is completely up to you. So, the average Tanzania Cost depends on which option you prefer and how much you’re willing to spend.

In that way, the following is a calculation of the average safari cost in Tanzania based on different kinds of safaris:

  • Tanzania Budget Safari Cost – $ 195 - $250 (per person, per day)
  • Midrange Tanzania Safari Cost – $320 – $550 (per person, per day)
  • Luxury Tanzania Safari Cost – $ 500 – $1500 (per person, per day)

Finally, now that you about the Tanzania Cost effects and indications – you’re set to head out on your Tour of Tanzania. And you won’t have to worry about indefinite costs and you’ll be able to enjoy your trip to the fullest!

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